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    The New York State Math Exam will be in the spring 
    Even though there are no specific things your child can study, here are some important things to remember and topics that he/she may see the day of the exam. 

    Have your child practice his/her multiplication facts on a daily basis
    Basic Operations
           Measure using a protractor and a centimeter ruler
           Review the different polygons
           The sum of the angles of a triangle is 180 and the sum of the angles of a ploygon is 360
           Perimeter is the measure around the outside
           Area is the measure of the inside in square units
           Similar figures are the same shape, but NOT the same size
           Congruent figures are the same shape and same size
           Drawing lines of symmetry
    Place Value
           Know the names and values from hundred thousandth to hundred million
    Order of Operations
          P  arentheses
          E  xponents
          M  ultiplication
          D  ivision
          A  ddition
          S  ubtraction
         Simplify to the lowest term
         Find a common denominator
         Compare smaller and larger fractions
         Convert to decimals (top goes in the box)
         Change mixed numbers to improper fractions (do the circle)
         Change improper fractions to mixed numbers (the top goes in the box)
         Place in order
         Convert to fractions
         Convert to percents (move the decimal 2 places to the right)
         Convert to fractions
         Convert to decimals (move the decimal 2 places to the left)
         Finding an average
    Line Graph
        Make sure to include title, scale, labels...
      owl     Steps for Writing a GOOD  answer
    1.  Answer the question
    2.  Tell what you KNOW (I know...use formulas, definitions, explanations)
    3.  Tell WHAT and WHY (So, I...use numbers and operations)
    4.   Please see my work
    Important Vocabulary that you should know
    Solution                    Solve                        Exponent
    Product                    Sum                         Quotient
    Difference                 Simplify                   Value
    Mean                        Median                     Mode
    Average                    Area                         Perimeter
    Volume                     Coordinates              Diameter
    Ratio                        Percent                     Of
    Lowest Terms           Estimate                   Label
    Show Work               Radius                       Expression
    Equation                   Equivalent                Place Value
    Value                        Parallel                      Perpendicular
    compass Check the "Website Wonder" section for online review activities!
Last Modified on September 7, 2017