Mrs. Heim

  • Mrs. Heim teaches PE and Health at Holland Middle School. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from SUNY Cortland, ECC Health Certification and a master’s degree in Special Education from Northwestern University. This is her second year teaching at Holland. She went into teaching because she loves helping kids learn new skills. She hopes that she can help students find a lifelong fitness activity that they like enough to participate in on their own free time.

    Mrs. Heim says that her favorite thing about teaching in Holland is that the students are wonderful and reminds her of when she went to school here. She also raves about the wonderful facilities that Holland has. She feels so lucky to have a full-size gym and pool. When Mrs. Heim is not teaching, she loves hiking with her husband and daughter. She loves finding new trails all over our gorgeous state!



    nheim (@) hollandcsd (.) org

    (716) 537-8200 ext. 6127